Bistrot Zinc menu


Brandade of cod with crostini 8.95

Asparagus risotto with Parmesan 10.95

Eggplant croquettes with tarragon aioli 8.95

Crepinette of short ribs, roasted shallots, and sweetbreads 13.95

Duck confit with bacon-polenta cake and rhubarb compote 11.95

Brussels sprouts salad, grain mustard vinaigrette, almonds and sour cherries 8.95


Grilled salmon with Mediterranean bean stew 23.95

Sautéed skate with brown butter, capers, and lemon 24.95

Pan-roasted lamb rack with potato-fennel gratin and haricots verts 32.95

Braised pork shank with mushroom-barley risotto and green peas 23.95

À Côté

Side Dishes

Mushroom-barley ragout 5.50

Pommes frites 4.95

Ratatouille 5.50

Sautéed spinach 4.95

Haricots verts 5.50

Grilled asparagus, balsamic syrup 5.50

- Bon Appétit!
Chef Tim Kirker