Bistrot Zinc menu


EArugula salad with dates, bacon, and parmesan 8.95

Cumin-roasted baby carrots with chèvre, hazelnuts, and citrus vinaigrette 8.95

Risotto with braised oxtail and beets 14.95

Sweetbreads with roasted apple and brioche crouton 13.95

Sautéed calamari with shaved radish and lemon vinaigrette 8.95

Buckwheat blinis with smoked salmon and chive crème fraîche 11.95


Grilled salmon with potato-leek ragout and beurre rouge 23.95

Norwegian wolf fish with balsamic-glazed mushrooms and basmati rice 20.95

Baked acorn squash with fennel-roasted vegetables and grain stuffing 18.95

Cassoulet with white beans, lamb shoulder, garlic sausage, and duck confit 27.95

À Côté

Side Dishes

Cauliflower gratin 5.50

Brussels sprouts, bacon & prunes 6.50

Sautéed spinach 4.95

Haricots verts 5.50

Pommes frites 4.95

Ratatouille 5.50

- Bon Appétit!
Chef Tim Kirker